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The shift from the conventional solar system to solar energy is gradual and increasing. Before buying the solar panels, you need to determine whether your roof accommodates the new addition. The area needs to be inspected, and the place of installation needs to be determined. Many people prefer installing the panels by themselves, while others prefer approaching professionals.

Can an electrician install a solar panel? Yes. The licensed electricians are the best ones to install the solar panels without much hindrance to you. The electricians will provide all the hardware associated with the installation, and all that you need to do is wait for the installation to get over.

Solar panels involve a hefty investment, so taking the risk of self-installation is not worth it. In this article, we shall discuss the importance of choosing licensed electricians.

Why do you need to shift to Solar Home?

The general perception would be to save energy. But, moving to solar homes can do much more to you than reducing electricity bills and rebates from the government.

Taking up the solar panels as a stand-alone project helps enhance the property’s overall resale value. The U.S. Department of Energy states the following based on recent research.

“On average, homebuyers are “consistently willing to pay solar home premiums” of approximately$4 per watt of installed solar capacity. For a standard 6-kilowatt (kW) solar PV system, that means solar can add $24,000 to home resale value.”

The investment made in the solar energy system pays you back a return for the next ten to twelve years, and you get a resale value for your home at the end of the period. Is it not a great idea to move to solar homes? I think you should.

Installation Considerations

Licensed electricians are good at installations, and they need to do their job perfectly. If there are any installation deviations, they have policies to compensate the homeowners. Experience is an essential factor to be considered while choosing electricians. Choose wisely. 

Why should you hire electricians for solar panel installation?

Many homeowners prefer to install solar panels on their own, looking at the cost involved for the installation done by licensed electricians. But, we need to look at the logical reasons to choose licensed electricians for the solar panel installation.

General Safety

Have you been working on the rooftop before? It would be best if you balanced not only yourself but along with all the rackets, nuts, racks, and other equipment required for installation. Further, if you need to walk on the panels, you might slip and hurt yourself. Additionally, walking on the roof might also damage the panels easily. In the end, you are taking multiple risks for installing solar panels.

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If you leave the installation to the licensed electricians, they are well experienced and experts in climbing and balancing themselves in the panels on the roof. So, the better option would be to leave the installation to the expert electricians.

Electrical Safety

Though solar panels work on solar energy, you need to deal with the wiring system, racks, PV channels, PV inverter, and electrical panels on your own. If you don’t have prior electrical experience, it is better not to risk electricity.

Tools and Equipment

Though we have the essential tools and equipment at home, we might not have the complete set of tools, including ladder, hammers, fuses, and much more required for installing solar panels. It is best to leave it to the professionals, who have all the ready-mades.


The professional experts are people who are well experienced in dealing with and installation of solar panels. Planning the installation of solar panels is not an easy task, and the professionals are well-versed in removing the knots of the intricacies in the solar panels. They also can deal with last-minute emergencies.

What are the benefits of hiring an electrician to install your solar panels?

Though installing solar panels seems very easy, in reality, it needs experience and basic knowledge of electricity. Hence, it is always advisable to consult experienced professionals. Here, let us discuss some of the benefits of hiring an electrician to install solar panels.

Preliminary Inspections

You need to get your roof inspected before installing the solar panels. The licensed electricians check the roof to determine its stability. The solar panels can be easily damaged if installed on a weak roof.

The electricians check for all the wiring and electrical panels at home to check everything is sufficient enough or is there any need to upgrade the electrical system. The electrician also confirms that the house meets all the panels’ requirements. If any upgrades need to be made, the electricians do the job for you at ease.

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Guaranteed Workmanship

Installing solar panels is a craft. It is not just mounting them on the roof but making sure everything is placed in the correct position and fits perfectly. The solar panels need to operate and also generate power. If it is not installed correctly, your solar panels can generate electricity, but you will not use them properly. Weak installations are always a dangerous hit.

The electricians identify the suitable space for installation and fit them perfectly. They also make sure all the wiring is done correctly. For all the products and services offered by the electricians, they offer a warranty. So, if you face any issues after the installation, you can call them back at any time and claim the warranty at zero incremental cost.

Government Rebates

The primary reason solar energy has become affordable to everyone is the rebates received from the government for solar products. Further, it also reduces the carbon print. 

To receive the rebates from the government, you need to appoint an experienced electrician. You will be qualified for a Small-scale technology certificate on purchase of the panels only if you nominate a certified electrician certified by the Clean Energy Council to work as an electrician.

You also have the option to transfer the Small-scale technology certificate to your installer to avail of some discount on the services.

Steps involved in the installation of Solar Panels

The following steps are involved in the installation of solar panels. 

  • Establish the wire connection between the power system and the new electrical panel.
  • Attach the racks to the roof or other location where the panels must be mounted.
  • The panels need to be attached to the frames.
  • The Panel inverter has to be connected to the new electrical panel
  • Install power meter to realize the utility energy credits.

Need for Licensed electricians for the steps in the installation of solar panels

The steps mentioned above for installing the solar panels might look simple, but it involves a lot of wiring to be done. Mistakes in these areas are prevalent and poor, and under-sized wiring is crucial for fire accidents. Several legal and safety considerations need the appointment of licensed technicians.

  • If you are connected to a grid, a licensed electrician needs to inspect and sign off to certify that the installation was reviewed, adhered to the electrical codes, and is entirely safe.
  • The PV panels need to be attached to the roof structure and not to the roof sheeting, and this requires sound mechanical support from licensed technicians.
  • The installer can easily detect the level of sun rays collected between north and south. Hence, he will install the panels so that the optimum sunlight is captured and the panels generate optimum output.
  • The basic knowledge of earth and ground bonding principles is required for the safe installation of the PV pa, and the technicians would best do this. 
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Choosing the Solar Installation Service Provider

Solar panels involve a substantial initial investment that pays back to you in the future. For better payback, you need to choose the best installation service, provider. Technical knowledge with craftmanship is undoubtedly required of the service provider you select.

Many decisions need to be taken for installing the solar panels, including the orientation, direction, location, and adequate production levels. Choose the installer who is good at making the best decisions.

Before choosing the installer, check the customer reviews with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to check if the customers are satisfied and maintain professionalism in the services. Also, check if they can offer multiple solutions including, commercial demand reduction and battery storage systems.

Take time to go through their portfolio and check on the projects they have worked on and completed successfully. Check their license and verify the particulars. 

A good installer will have exposure to wide customers – residential and commercial. 

Take Away

The key takeaway from this article is, you should shift to solar homes without a doubt. But, do not take the risk of self-installation unless and until you are an expert by yourself. This is not child`s play and requires a lot of technical knowledge to install them perfectly. Poor installation and wiring could cost you much more than the cost you save on the installers.

Make sure you choose the correct installers and get them to do the job for you. Even if not for anything else, they are the ones who sign off for you to get the rebates from the government.