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The roof is an essential element to consider before installing solar panels. A well-maintained and robust roof gives way for the better functioning of solar panels. It is always better to check the roof’s condition before installing the solar panels.

Do solar panels destroy roofs? No. Not at all. Solar panels will not destroy the roofs because the solar panels are suitable for different kinds of roofs. The effect is always the opposite. The panels help in protecting the roof and the house as a whole.

If your solar panel has ruined your roof due to poor installation, then you will be in trouble. You need to consider several things before buying a solar panel. In this article, we shall discuss how important a roof is for solar panels.

Positive Effects of solar panels on the roof

Solar panels have both a positive and a negative impact on your roof. Let us look at some positive effects of solar panels.

The solar panels absorb the total heat that may fall on the roof otherwise. This helps in keeping the house cool even during summer. The panels act as a shade in between the sunlight and the roof. There is a small space between the panels and the roof to enable airflow.

The solar panels also help protect your roof from the effects of bad weather. Heavy rainfall, snow, and hailstorms can damage your roof adversely. Solar panels block these and protect the roof to a certain extent. Though not very effective, it helps increase the durability of the roof.

What to know before buying solar panels?

To make sure your solar panels work efficiently and damage your roof, several considerations are to be thought about before you buy your solar panels.

Condition of the Roof

The roof condition must be carefully examined and checked before installing the panels. If you have an old or damaged roof, it would be best to replace them before installing. Else, it would lead to high roof repair costs.

Roofing Material and Shape

You need to determine the roof slope and the roof’s material before you decide to purchase the solar panels. Do you know why? Certain materials cannot stand the heavy solar panels, and you might end up ruining up both the roof and the panels. Further, south or north-facing roof slopes can absorb light more effectively.

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Weight is an impact aspect to be considered before installing the solar panel. Your roof must be inspected well ahead to understand how well it can sustain the solar panel’s weight. Based on the roof, you must purchase a solar panel of such weight that can stay strong in the roof without damaging them. Make sure you don’t buy more than 4 pounds per square foot panels.


You need to understand the climatic conditions of your area and how well the roof accommodates itself to the change in climatic conditions. If you live in a drier area, the solar panels help absorb the excess heat that could damage the roof. If your area is rich in moisture, solar panels are a shield. You could save your roof from leaks if you have proper flashing materials.


You need to obtain several building permits and make sure you follow local building codes before installing the solar panels.


Warranty is an essential factor in understanding and considering before purchasing solar panels. There are different kinds of warranties available in the market, and they can have a significant impact on your roof warranties.

A unique warranty named “Workmanship” covers both the defects and solar power warranty, which ensures minimum energy production levels.

Common myths about solar panels

Keeping aside what the solar panels can do to your roof, several myths prevail among homeowners. Listed below are the common myths about the rooftops.

Solar will cause my roof to leak.

You need to drill holes in the roof before installing the solar panels, and there is nothing to be scared of about it. The solar industry has extensive experience with installing solar panels on the roof.

If you take the help of professionals to install the solar panels, your roof will never leak.

The solar panel is hefty for my roof.

The most common dilemma among homeowners is “Will the solar panel be cumbersome for the roof?”.

The best answer is No. The average weight of the solar panel is 30 to 50 pounds. Let us consider an example where 20 panels weighing 40 pounds each are installed on your roof. It makes a total of 800 pounds on the roof. This can easily fit in 350 square feet.

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The total 800 pounds divided by 350 square feet works out to 2.3 pounds per square foot. The standard roof can withhold for up to 20 pounds per square foot.

Roofs are an essential structure of any building, and they can withstand tremendous pressure. 

The solar panels are only one-fourth of the weight of a human. So, if your installer can walk on the roof, solar panels can very well fit.

Nevertheless, you need to consider the age and the condition of the roof before installing the panel.

The roof is too old for solar panels.

The age and looks of the building are always deceiving. Just because your roof looks old does not mean that your roof is old enough to install the panels, and it needs to revamp the roof if they are in the wrong structure.

Several installers physically inspect the roof and give their suggestions about the structural conditions and certify if your roof is a good candidate. The key is choosing the best installers in the town.

I won’t get solar if my panels do not face south.

One of the most important factors to be considered before installing the solar panel is that your roof must be south-facing. But they never said east-west directions are bad for the solar panels.

The east and west-sided roofs get less than 20% of the sunlight from the other sides. So, your solar panels will be losing 20% of the total sunlight. But that does not mean that “I won’t get solar if my panels do not face south.” Take it off your mind. You will get the solar, no matter how the solar panels are installed.

Solar might not add glamour to my roof.

Though impressed with the technology, many homeowners are hesitant to install solar panels. Can you believe if the reason was that solar panels might make the roof look ugly?

Well, gone are those days where the solar panels are huge equipment placed upon your roof, and technology is developing at a faster pace. Now, you can get a sleekish black-on-black solar panel that can give a perfect look to your roof. These panels have a black backing instead of silver ones.

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Rodents may Destroy my rooftop panel.

This is one of the reasonable concerns of every homeowner. Anything exposed outdoors has the risk of being hindered by rodents and squirrels.

But it is not a more significant concern that should stop you from installing the solar panels. You can install a wire mesh around the panels for protection.

Solar panels will damage my shingles.

Do you think the solar panels might damage your shingles? If that is what is stopping you from installing the solar panels, then you need to know that the truth is the opposite.

The solar panels act as a shield for the shingles from UV radiation, heat, and other potential substances that could damage your shingle.

Solar will heat my roof.

The sunlight has direct contact with the roof and the solar panels for more than 8 hours a day. The panels already create a lot of heat and electricity. Don’t you think will this extra heat, not heat your roof?

No. The solar does not heat your roof. It takes up all the heat around the panel and makes the roof considerably cooler, even on peak summer days.

Take Away

Do you still think that solar panels destroy roofs? Not at all. If you choose the best installer, they will adequately inspect before installation. This inspection is necessary to ensure that your roof is a good candidate for installing solar panels.

Early detection is better than late spending. If you don’t detect that your roof needs to be repaired before installation, you may need to uninstall the entire panel to revamp the roof at a later date.

The solar panels will never destroy the roof; instead, they only protect them from unstable weather conditions, dust, and debris.